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You say that you're in pain?
Funny, I don't see a wound

You say you want to die?
I doubt you'd even try

The scars on my arms are hidden
Yours are on display

I drown in my own agony
While you float above
Yet they still come to rescue you
And leave me there to die
Because I'll never shout for help

You have it all
Yet act like you have nothing
I have little
Yet I'm still glad I have it

You speak of the pain
But I'm the one who feels it
I need the help
Yet you're the one who gets it

I don't pity you, not anymore
Go cry for attention
I'm not giving you any
Just me ranting about a friend of mine. She's beautiful, has many friends, a semi functional family, and can get any boy or girl she wants, yet she still says she hates her life. Basically, she has everything I don't have. While I suffer silently, she whines and cries and everyone tries to comfort her. I'm just tired of her.
Teiasarjanka Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012
My sister Is in that position with the "friend" and I try to help her but it doesn't always help
Yi-Shu-Jia Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012  Professional Photographer
I would absolutely agree with you. I had a friend(ex) just like that. so funny.
but she will never no what type of friend she has till its gone...
People never learn the simple things.
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